Players who buy the Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass before or on its launch day will receive an exclusive OWL skin and multiplayer spotlight move.

While the launch lineup of the next-gen consoles is perhaps a bit sparse in some places, there are some bright spots that have gamers excited. On the PlayStation 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall is arguably one of those titles. Now, perhaps hoping to give gamers further incentives to partake in the latest and potentially greatest Killzone experience, Sony has unveiled a season pass that will give purchasers discounted access to the first six expansions to the game.

The content covered by the season pass will include a planned co-op expansion, three co-op map packs and two multiplayer expansions packs. While there’s no information currently available on how much this content would would cost sold separately, the season pass itself will be sold for $19.99. Players who purchase the season pass on or prior to Shadow Fall’s November 15th release date will also be rewarded with an exclusive OWL drone skin and a special multiplayer spotlight move.

In addition to the season pass, a new trailer for Shadow Fall has also been unveiled highlighting the game’s multiplayer. The trailer itself looks like what you’d expect from Killzone; it’s pretty, violent, and looks like a lot of fun. The end of the trailer also makes it look like the experience will be a snap to play (nyuck nyuck).

Source: PlayStation Blog

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