Killzone: Shadow Fall Video Demonstrates Vita’s Remote Play


Killzone: Shadow Fall director Steven ter Heide has Tweeted a video of the game being played via the Vita’s remote play function.

With the launch of the PS4 only a week and a day away, there are likely more than a few chomping at the bit to get their hands on the console and put it to use. Arguably among its niftier features will be its remote play functionality with the PlayStation Vita. While the PS3 had similar abilities with the PSP, the Vita and the PS4 will feature a vastly larger library of compatible games as well as improved performance.

Since the initial announcement of the Sony’s commitment to PS4/Vita remote play however, there have been markedly few opportunities for PlayStation fans to get a look at just how well the whole thing will run. That in mind, Guerrilla’s Steven ter Heide, the director of Killzone: Shadow Fall, recently Tweeted a brief video of the game in action via remote play. While the video itself is fairly low resolution, it nonetheless shows Shadow Fall working running smoothly on the Vita with no noticeable lag.

As brief as the demonstration is, it’s still impressive to see the game, arguably the PS4’s biggest launch title, streaming so perfectly to the Vita. Granted, you’ll probably need a decent Wi-Fi connection for that kind of performance, but it still gives us hope that remote play will actually be a useful and entertaining feature this time around as opposed to the PSP/PS3 version which was laggy even when dealing with PS1 games.

Source: Eurogamer

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