Kinect Gets Its Very First Alleyway Brawler


Microsoft’s Kinect finally has a game that will let players get violent in unsanitary locations.

Kinect‘s lineup had a focus on cute, family friendly titles, until now. Ubisoft has announced Fighters: Uncaged, a motion fighting game that will let players beat up thugs, bikers, and other types of characters of the same ilk.

Fighters: Uncaged appears to be a mix between a simulator and straight up brawler. Developer AMA Studios promotes the game as one that will teach real mixed martial arts techniques, such as the “authentic fighting style of Thai boxing,” but the game has players fighting in the streets, in alleyways, and on rooftops.

Over 70 different strikes will be at the player’s disposal that use every part of the body, from punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, and headbutts. The game’s 21 environments also include “gritty city docks” and waterfalls.

Fighters: Uncaged has the pretty revolutionary storyline of the player being forced into a secret, illegal fighting tournament. I know, it’s a Kinect game, I wasn’t expecting Moby Dick. New skills can be unlocked along the way and there’s even a multiplayer co-op mode so families can beat up overly-tattooed men together.

I was wondering when Kinect would get its motion beat-them-up, and here it is. Wait, did someone say I get to fight near a waterfall? I’ve wanted to do that since I was three years old. I know Fighters: Uncaged sounds somewhat unimaginative, but it seems to present the reality of playing a brawling videogame with our entire bodies, something that kids have only seen in movies until now. It could be pretty fun.

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