In a terrifying technological version of Frankenstein, Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral for Xbox 360 has been hacked to function with Sony’s PS3.

How wretched are we, the technologists of the world? O, we did but rejoice in our newfound might to twist Kinect to our very wills, but in our hubris we delved too deep and twisted too far. Now, we have created naught but abomination! We have undone ourselves by the power of that which we once beheld as a tool!

All melodrama aside, there’s something kind of unsettling about watching the Xbox 360’s Kinect operate on Sony’s PS3. I use the term “operate” very loosely, of course – this is still pre-alpha software, which one might kindly describe as “somewhat functional.” Nevertheless, if creator Shantanugoel is telling the truth – and he doesn’t have a friend with a Dual Shock 3 sitting to the side off-camera – it is, in fact, Kinect working on PS3.

Microsoft has been fairly tolerant of the growing Kinect hacking community, even claiming that it is working on an official Software Development Kit to make it easier for the burgeoning mod community to do its stuff.

One can only surmise that the House of Gates would be somewhat less pleased to see its technology working on the hardware of its biggest rival, but what can Microsoft really do about it?

(Via G4TV)

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