Someday, Microsoft wants Windows Phone 7 users to torture Kinect players with a deluge of balls.

A new video released by Microsoft gives us a clear idea of how Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s mobile platform, will eventually be integrated with the Xbox 360. It’ll be for more than just updating your Xbox Live profile and sending friends messages. Windows Phone 7 will also allow you to torture game players until they fall over.

The video shows an enthusiastic player engaging in a game of Kinect‘s Rally Ball, where he must block a stream of rubber balls from flying past him. A Windows Phone 7 user sitting nearby is able to see the same game screen on her phone, and tap her phone to make a ball appear.

If she swipes her finger, she can even make the ball move around on the screen up to a certain distance away, making the ball more challenging to block. However, the real trouble starts when a second Windows Phone 7 user enters.

It turns out that the second cellphone owner can also make balls appear in the game at the same time. So now the Rally Ball player has to deal with the touches of two devious ball creators, and even worse, they decide to go all-out by tapping the hell out of their phones, making an overwhelming amount of balls appear on the screen. The player is forced to give up.

The demonstration is a neat look at how Windows Phone 7 is planned for integration into Microsoft’s gaming world. This is a very simple idea that wouldn’t necessarily make anyone buy a phone, but if enough of this connectivity is developed, it could make the phone more appealing to Xbox 360 users.

Source: Engadget

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