Kinect Prefers a Tidy Room


If you want to play Kinectimals or maybe Dance Central, you might have to do a little bit of clearing up first.

A video released by Microsoft has revealed three things to watch out for when setting and playing games on Kinect: Clutter, poor lighting and too much noise near the sensor should all be avoided in order to get the optimal playing experience.

Kinect’s senior program manager Mark Plagge said that Kinect uses the “floor plane” as a point of reference, and any mess or clutter can present a problem to the sensor. Kinect also won’t work quite right if the lighting in a room is uneven, as moving from a bright spot to a darker one can make you look slightly different to the device, making it harder for the cameras to follow you.

As well as removing visual noise, Microsoft warns about just plain old regular noise. Putting Kinect in a noisy environment, like too close to your TV’s speakers, can interfere with its microphones and make it harder for it to respond to voice commands.

Honestly, all of this is pretty common sense stuff for a device that uses cameras and microphones. Some people will have more difficulty setting up Kinect than others – largely due to the size of the available space – but really, there’s nothing here that’s particularly outlandish.

Kinect will be available on November 4th in North America, November 10th in Europe and November 18th in Australia.

Source: Eurogamer

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