Microsoft says that the $150 price tag on its store is not necessarily Kinect’s final price.

When a listing for Kinect with price of $149.99 appeared on Microsoft’s store earlier this week, it seemed to lay to rest all the rumors about its cost. But Microsoft is now saying that $150 is not necessarily the final price, and is only an estimate.

The listing on Microsoft’s store has now had a disclaimer added, which reads: “Official pricing has not been announced. $149.99 is an estimate only and subject to change.”

Further confirmation that the $150 price point for Kinect wasn’t final came from Microsoft’s Director for Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, Stephen Tolouse; who said on Twitter: “Guys I have nothing to do with Kinect Pricing. All prices now *no matter what the retail source* are placeholders. We’ve not announced. :>”

With one publisher already expressing concern about Kinect’s price point, the cost associated with it when that announcement does come, is going to be very important indeed, as it will have significant effect on how attractive the device will appear to consumers.

Source: MCV

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