Microsoft’s Kinect might not actually be able to peer inside your body and show you your skeleton, but thanks to this clever hack you’d never know it.

It’s important to remember that Kinect is just a camera; it may be able to project mystical star fields on your living room but it can’t see inside your flesh. So when you look at this Kinect “magic mirror” hack seen here to the right, and think “Oh crap, it’s showing that dude’s skeleton!” that isn’t actually what’s going on.

Instead, this hack – developed by researchers at the Technical University of Munich – is merely overlaying the image of some anonymous subject’s CAT scan on what it detects as the human body. Nor is it completely perfect (it seems that the shoulders are low); that doesn’t make it any less eerily cool.

We’ve seen a lot of nifty-looking Kinect hacks by now, and many of them look more creative than the games that are actually out for the peripheral. This may be one of my favorite thus far.

I’m left wondering, though: Where are all the sweet-looking Move hacks? Does it have something to do with the removal of the “Other OS” option or what?

(KinectHacks via Joystiq)

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