Kinect Voice Commands Planned for Dragon Age: Inquisition on 360, Xbox One

Dragon Age Inquisition Combat

The feature is expected to be similar to the squad commands used in Mass Effect 3 to order party members around the battlefield.

Bioware is expecting the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of its upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition to use the Kinect to give in-game commands. “We’re expecting that Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions will ship with a Kinect-enabled voice command feature, just like Mass Effect 3 did,” creative director Mike Laidlaw said in a recent interview with the Official Xbox Magazine.

Mass Effect fans may remember that the Xbox 360 version of the game allowed you to speak battle commands to squadmates as well as choose responses from the game’s dialogue wheel. It’s not yet clear what advantages, if any, the Xbox One’s newer version of Kinect will give that console’s version of Dragon Age.

The interview also mentions that the Inquisition team is experimenting with using the Xbox SmartGlass phone app with their new game.”It needs to make sense, of course,” producer Cameron Lee told OXM. “But we want Inquisition to be an experience you can take with you everywhere – to work, the commute home, the living room, bed.”

What do you guys think of this latest development? Do you think Kinect voice commands will add anything to the Dragon Age experience?

Source: OXM

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