King Leoric Joins Heroes of The Storm

Just like in Diablo, King Leoric never really dies, maintaining a constant presence on the battlefield even in “death”.

Heroes of The Storm‘s latest playable hero, King Leoric, is an old classic from the Diablo franchise, added as part of the game’s special Diablo-themed eternal conflict event. Just like in the Diablo franchise, when Leoric dies, it’s not really for good, and his character in Heroes of the Storm maintains a constant presence on the battlefield with his special “wraith” trait.

The unique trait essentially turns Leoric into a ghost upon being “killed”, instead of having to wait for his revive timer to come up. While in this “Undying” form, Leoric’s attacks do no damage – but can slow his opponents and reduce his own revive timer. When his revive timer is up, instead of reviving at his team’s nexus, he instead revives at the location of his undying specter.

Leoric’s other abilities are inspired by his appearance as a Diablo III boss, and help accentuate his role in HoTS as an up-close-and-personal melee warrior. Check him out in action in the video above.

Leroic will set you back 15,000 gold for the first week of his availability, after which he will drop down to just 10,000 gold.

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