King of Fighters Online, an online RPG with brawler-style action featuring KoF characters, is “scheduled to service early next year,” according to poorly translated press release from Korean publisher Dragonfly.

It’s not so outlandish that SNK’s long-running 2D fighter series King of Fighters should turn into an online RPG. After all, SNK is willing to make a top-down shooter out of KoF, so why not Korean-developed RPG? And, to be honest, the game doesn’t look all that bad. Sporting cel-shaded 3D graphics and beat-em-up inspired gameplay, King of Fighters Online seems like it could be a nice distraction for KoF fans, especially the ones angry Mai isn’t making it into King of Fighters XII.

I say “seems like it could be” not just because I haven’t actually tried the game, but because I’m not exactly sure what publisher Dragonfly is trying to tell me about it.

“It’s a full 3D action game maximized the fun factor of confrontation of gamers ‘PVP (Player VS Player) and ‘PVE (Player VS Environment) where game play will be covered by game environment,” the company wrote in a jumbled press release. “The transfer to the beginning stage will take place in a factory, where you can catch the real dynamic battle action of horizon scroll supporting back ground.”

Wait, what? Here’s what I can gather: the game’s in 3D and the battle system’s (obviously) in real-time, KoF characters like Terry, Mai and Athena are present, and can use all of their trademark moves (BUSTAH WOLF), and there’s a tag system which lets you switch characters in the middle of combat, which could maybe lead to some tag combos. You might be able to figure out more from the trailer, which you can check out here.

“Scheduled to service early next year, King of Fighters Online is planning to take its place by revealing various contents, screen shots, and video clips inheriting the original factors of King of Fighters,” the press release concludes.

I’m pretty sure “scheduled to service early next year” means that the game will be available early next year. In the meantime, POWAH WAYVE.

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