thor annual cover

Three creative teams are crafting three versions of Thor for the upcoming Thor Annual #1.

Remember that bit in Thor: The Dark World where Odin offers to make his son king, but Thor turns it down? That was a fairly predictable choice… but wouldn’t it be cool to see Thor actually on the throne? Thankfully it’s something comic book fans don’t have to imagine – “King Thor” will be the subject of one of three stories featured in this month’s Thor Annual #1.

Written by Jason Aaron with art from Timothy Truman, one of Thor Annual‘s tales shows a future where Thor rules Asgard. His granddaughters, the “Girls of Thunder”, seek the perfect present for his birthday but it will be a doozy – a new Garden of Eden. It’s not clear whether King Thor will fit into the character’s current ongoing series or if this is an off-the-cuff “What If” experiment. But even if that’s the case, that image of an aging Thor with a missing eye is an intriguing visual.

King Thor’s birthday isn’t the only featured story – Thor Annual also includes exploits from his past. Wrestling artist CM Punk and Chew artist Rob Gullory pits the young Thor against Mephisto in a no-holds barred drinking contest. Meanwhile, Lumberjanes Noelle Stevenson and Sensational Comics Marguerite Sauvage focus on the present day female Thor and her first meeting with the Asgardian Warriors Three.

Thor Annual #1 can be purchased from comic book stories everywhere Feb. 25, 2015 for $4.99. That’s a fair value for three standalone Thor stories, and a nice way to dip into the series if you haven’t been following monthly issues.

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