Information on the ending to the Xehanort saga of Kingdom Hearts has been scarce, and today’s trailer reveals only the combat system and some enemies.

Sometimes Kingdom Hearts III feels like an unreachable dream. Square Enix has been tight-lipped about the game, revealing only that their team is working on the game. Today the company released a gameplay trailer, revealing new weapons, both familiar and new enemies, and our pals Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

The trailer begins with a familiar set-up – same combat system, Sora running with keyblade in hand, mashing the attack button and using magic to fight the heartless. Cute stars pop out with each attack. This beginning section also briefly shows a new dual weapon, the two shoot blaster. The next section places Sora on a slightly more dangerous version of a pirate ship ride at an amusement park or carnival as he swings back and forth, attacking enemies with his keyblade. The bulk of the trailer shows a fight in the Big Magic Mountain section. Sora rides a train through the air around a behemoth. Occasionally the camera zooms in on a character. The trailer ends as Sora, Donald, and Goofy launch the train at the enemy.

We first saw a little gameplay in the announcement trailer. After looking at this new trailer, it appears Kingdom Hearts III will use the same combat system, so much so that the gameplay looked extremely similar to Kingdom Hearts II. The trailer does not add anything new, but it certainly looks like a Kingdom Hearts game.

When a commenter asked whether fans will learn about new worlds leading up the release and if characters Riku and Kairi will be shown, Mat Kishimoto, associate product manager at Square Enix, replied, “Only time will tell :)”

Kingdom Hearts III has no release date yet, and the video states the game is in development now.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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