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Hideo Kojima once again proves his master-level trolling by taking a three-hour video to introduce MGSV‘s “Chicken Hat” mode.

Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear Solid series, has been long-regarded by his fans as a master troll – for example, when he teased a new “Metal Gear Collection” at Tokyo Game Show, that turned out to be a clothing line. This time, he has taken his trolling to the next level, having fans sit through a three hour video of him opening presents… only to be treated to the announcement of a “Chicken Hat Mode” for Metal Gear Solid V.

Allow me to elaborate. Just before Christmas, Kojima announced that he would be streaming a special broadcast called “Kojima Station” on Christmas day, which many fans eagerly tuned in for in the hops of some Metal Gear Solid info. Kojima proceeded to open presents and talk about movies for over two hours, but, in the last fifteen minutes of the broadcast, he raised fan’s hopes by stating that he had a very special Metal Gear Solid V announcement. Then he showed us the picture you’ll see to the right: Snake in a chicken hat.

So what is the chicken hat? It’s essentially the game’s “easy mode”. If you die too many times in a row, or if you get caught out by your enemy a lot, the game will ask you “would you like to use a chicken hat? Yes or no?” If you choose yes, Snake will don the chicken hat, which will slow enemies reaction times, and allow you to see in the dark easier. Think of the golden tanooki suit from Super Mario 3D Land.

If you chose to use the chicken hat, you’ll be stuck with it, and snake will be wearing it all the time – even in super serious cut scenes.

Oh Kojima. You troll.

Source: Kotaku via Konami

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