Hideo Kojima’s admired Western game developers for a long time. Now it sounds like he’s gearing up to actually work with them.

Asked by Kikizo what he thinks of Konami’s decision to farm out the development of the latest Silent Hill game to a Western developer, Kojima remarked that he’s definitely considering doing the same thing with Kojima Productions, saying he’s not “sure when this will happen” but that he’s “very interested.”

Could we be hearing news of a Kojima Productions US sooner or later? If it were to happen, Kojima guaranteed that he’d have a fairly hands-off approach. All developers, he says, are “all special in some way; they have their unique points, and if we were to team up with them I wouldn’t dictate to them…I’d have to really try to help them do what they do best as production studios.”

“That’s how I plan to do it in the future, and to give them freedom,” Kojima said, sounding awfully like he’s got it pretty set in stone that he’s going to do this in the future.

He’s already started doing his research, having gone on a tour of Western studios, though it was mostly for his own education more than anything else. Nevertheless, it seems that the trip was fairly eyeopening for Mr. Metal Gear. “I feel it’s time to look outside of Japan. You know – what can we absorb, what can we copy from these Western developers?” Kojima pondered. “What kind of steps should we take as Kojima Productions to change for the better and remain a strong global studio? That’s what we’re thinking right now.”

[Via NeoGAF]

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