Konami Developing Skincare Software For DS


Konami Corporation has announced plans to launch a skincare guide for use on the Nintendo DS portable game system.

Best known as a game developer, Konami is designing the software to give beauty tips based on the user’s basal body temperature and hormone balance. DS owners will also be able to select a specific calendar date, such as a wedding or the BioShock release, and have the software offer daily customized skincare instructions as the big day approaches.

“We have developed the software under the concept of getting pretty while having fun,” Konami Digital Entertainment Corporate Officer Naoyuki Notsu said at a news conference.

Founded in 1969, Konami Corporation is best known to gamers as a developer and publisher of videogames, but the company also produces toys, trading cards, anime, slot machines and more. The company’s videogame stable includes Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, the Metal Gear series and the Yu-gi-oh franchise, as well as numerous coin-op arcade classics.

Konami’s as-yet untitled skincare software is scheduled for release on October 18 in Japan for 4,500 yen ($37). Currently, the company has no plans to release the software overseas.

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