Konami Halts New Love Plus Sales


New Love Plus fans suffer the pain of bereavement as Konami halts sales of the game due to show-stopping bugs.

Japanese fans who picked up copies of mildly worrying dating-sim, New Love Plus, were disappointed to discover that, as well as the usual assortment of giant-eyed and bobble-headed teenagers, the game also came with a host of bugs and glitches. Some are minor, like players being unable to give their girlfriends sweets on “White Day” (A Japan-only follow-up to Valentine’s Day in which men give women confectionery), but others can cause system lockups.

The bugs are so numerous that Konami has started telling retailers not to sell the game at all. Major Japanese retailer, Sofmap, has tweeted that they won’t be selling new or used copies of the game, as per Konami’s wishes. Currently there appears to be no way for developers to patch cartridge-based 3DS games, meaning a complete recall is likely to be Konami’s next move.

Traditionally I like to end new updates with a joke, but there’s no way I can do that without either insulting the entire Love Plus fan base or being wildly misogynist. I did think of a joke though, and it was a total zinger. I promise.

Source: Adriasang

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