Konami Reveals Rush ‘N Attack Remake


Get ready to face off the Russian attack once more: Konami has breathed life into a vintage action game series with XBLA/PSN remake (sequel? remakequel?) Rush ‘N Attack: Ex-Patriot.

I remember being a wee tyke playing Rush ‘N Attack over at my friend’s house on his NES for two reasons, really: One, it was hair-pullingly difficult, since it was essentially Contra except you were only armed with a little tiny knife; Two, it took me years to realize that the title was actually a play on “Russian attack.”

Which, by the way, was a pun that our European readers never saw – the game was released in Japan and Europe as the infinitely-less-interesting-named Green Beret.

It turns out that Konami is looking to revive its NES sidescroller via the Bionic Commando: Re-Armed treatment: Give it a shiny new 2.5D remake/sequel with a pun-tastic title – and now, we have Rush ‘N Attack: Ex-Patriot, the trailer for which you see here.

Ex-Patriot seems to resemble last year’s Shadow Complex more than anything, though while Shadow Complex gave you guns, Rush ‘N Attack seems to continue the series’ tradition and keep you armed with little more than a knife. However, the press release boasts that the player will also have stealth options to try and evade and/or get the drop on enemies instead of taking them on in a frontal assault. This is probably a good thing, what with the old adage about bringing a knife to a gunfight and all.

From the press release, Rush ‘N Attack: Ex-Patriot boasts:

* Stealth Combat Action – Using both stealth and brute force, players will escape from their imprisonment with a new level of action
* Fast Paced Platforming – Stay sharp and move quickly as you progress towards your objectives through challenging platforming
* Massive Levels – Fight your way through three environments with multiple levels full of hidden items, secret locations, and relentless soldiers trying to track you down
* Killer Graphics – Built on the Unreal Engine, players will have a visual feast that is unparalleled in other downloadable games.

And in addition to all of that, presumably there will be some dirty attacking Soviets that need stabbing. It’s only fitting, really.

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