Korean Ratings Board Reveals Limbo For PS3


Whoops! The Korean Game Ratings Board just listed that Sony had submitted Limbo for a rating.

Last summer, Limbo was pretty much our favorite game to hit XBLA. Even though it’s a beautiful and haunting title, it was confirmed that there were no plans to bring the title to other platforms. Now, however, that looks like it’s changing.

The Korean Games Ratings Board has just listed Limbo, showing that the game was filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Korea. This isn’t the first time that the KGRB has outed games before they were officially announced: In the past, the group has also revealed the existince of titles like Fruit Ninja Kinect and Sega Rally Online Arcade.

Playdead, Limbo‘s developer, hasn’t made an official announcement yet, which isn’t too surprising. However, this news shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, seeing as how Limbo was an exclusive for last year’s Xbox Live Summer of Arcade event and the exclusivity is probably about to expire.

Source: KGRB via Joystiq

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