Krang Costume Wins Halloween, Soundly Defeats Turtle Power

TMNT Krang Halloween Costume 310x

The detail in that Krang face…

Cosplay is always fun to create, and to enjoy as a fan (obviously, as our Comics & Cosplay section routinely demonstrates), but it steps up to an unapproachable level of magnificence when Halloween comes around.

Case in point? This white-blooded man rocking the bejesus out of a Krang costume for a “New Orleans trip on Halloween,” complete with the Android Body ensemble.

You can’t possibly look away from that red silky underwear.

Seriously though, the costume is top-notch, from the 80’s-reminiscent eyewear, to the detailed harness and gauntlets. And let’s not forget the Krang brain molding itself, made from, if the Reddit thread is correct, “Crayola Model Magic.” I haven’t been this freaked out by a brain since the Spiderdemon first scared me stupid back in 1993.

Dressing up as April and the Turtles is a solid group Halloween costume, and you’ll even see Bebop and Rocksteady from time to time. But Krang is a rarity, especially a Krang pulled off so effectively.

I reached out to the poster for details, but haven’t heard back just yet. I’ll update this story with his backstory if Krang comes back from Dimension X in time.

I’m glad this masked Android fiend is going to Nola for Halloween, as much of the rest of the country is going to be a bit too chilly for the underwear-and-brain-mastermind look.

Source: Reddit

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