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Kraven the Hunter Movie Casts Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the Lead

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Another one of Spider-Man’s villains has been cast. As Sony builds up its Sinister Six quasi-side universe, it has cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kraven the Hunter for the upcoming film based on the character. J.C. Chandor will direct the actor in the film, which is still pretty early on.

Leading up to Kraven, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has had a history of being one of those actors that you see and say, “Oh, I know that guy.” Most will probably recognize him as Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron, but he starred in Godzilla and Kick-Ass too. He’s also featuring across from Brad Pitt in Bullet Train where studio brass reportedly liked him so much while watching dailies that they called up Chandor and connected him with the actor to hopefully get him cast in the film. Obviously, his star is rising, and now he’ll be the rare actor to star in three different comic book cinematic universes.

Kraven is a bit of an anti-hero but more often villainous. He is a hunter, as his name implies, who originally turned up hunting Spider-Man as the ultimate prey. However, he operates by a code of conduct, which lets him drift back and forth between being a good guy and a bad guy. Sony will tie him in with Venom, Vulture, Morbius, and a host of other heroes as they flesh our their separate Spider-Man villain universe.

At the moment Kraven the Hunter is set to release on Jan. 13, 2023.

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