Kuju Sheffield Reformulates as Chemistry


Kuju Sheffield announced today it will now be known as Chemistry.

Chemistry specializes in creating games based on Epic’s Unreal Engine and recently moved to new premises in central Sheffield as part of its plan to expand.

“We’ve decided to specialize in Unreal Engine, as it’s clearly an awesome next-gen toolset that frees our staff to focus on bringing their creative talents to bear without worrying about the low-level nuts and bolts. It’s also perfect for our future plans, as it allows us to look forward without worrying about technology stability,” explained Simeon Pashley, Studio Head.

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games said, “Like Epic, [Chemistry] can take advantage of having Unreal Engine 3 as their common technology base, with multiple teams sharing resources and expertise to built world-class games in the most efficient fashion.”

Chemistry is currently developing To End All Wars on Xbox 360.

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