Labour MP Keith Vaz is talking about games again, but this time, he’s not calling for bans.

British Politician Keith Vaz has tabled an “Early Day Motion,” calling for better labelling for games that contain violent content and for the Government to urge PEGI to take “further steps” to highlight inappropriate content.

Vaz hopes that more parental awareness of videogame content will prevent games intended for adults ending up in the hands of minors: “That this House notes with grave concern that despite the 18 rating that the most violent video games carry, some children and teenagers are still able to acquire them,” Vaz wrote as part of his motion.

“[The House urges] the Government to support the promotion of parental awareness of the violent content of video games which are 18-rated; and calls on the Government to urge Pan-European Game Information to take further steps to highlight the inappropriate content of these games for under 18s.”

Vaz has a history of attacking violent videogames, but according to his contemporaries, he has recently had a change of heart. This new motion suggests a person who is concerned about violent games, and wants to take very reasonable steps to make sure that kids aren’t playing them.

Source: MCV

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