Shannon Leathers, 34

Shannon Leathers, 34

A woman from Maine was sentenced to a year in prison for asking a boy to steal his mother’s prescription painkillers.

It’s a story heard all too often these days. A woman wanted something, and she offered everything a little boy could want in exchange. Get your mind out of the gutter, that something was a videogame. Today, 34-year-old Shannon Leathers was sentenced to one year in prison for asking a 9 year old neighborhood boy to pilfer his mother’s Percosets after she pleaded guilty to the charge. First arrested on August 1, 2010, police said that Leathers promised to buy the boy a videogame if he could get her the drugs. Leathers was ordered to serve the first 1.5 months of her sentence immediately, but the rest of the sentence was suspended by the judge.

The boy followed through with the theft, and later told police that she saw Leathers scratch the name of the pill bottle. She then told him to “play stupid” if he was ever asked about the loss of the pills.

The poor little boy did everything he was asked, got the dang pills, and had to sit through the police interrogation. And I bet he never got the game that was promised by Leathers because she was arrested and probably never intended to buy him a game at all. That’s the real tragedy here.

Well, that and the fact that the game he asked for was Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Source: SeaCoast Online

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