A woman was arrested and jailed this week for allegedly throwing a Wii console at her boyfriend’s face.

Rebecca Varina Sloskowski, 31 years old, was arrested and jailed on Monday January 10th under second-degree assault charges and eventually jailed for tossing the Wii. There is no word whether Sloskowski’s boyfriend wants to return to his lover’s Hillsboro, Oregon home about ten miles west of Portland, or whether he will press charges.

It’s an old story really, one that we’ve heard so many times that I’m sure you can recite it along with me. A man loves a woman. The woman becomes intoxicated and the man leaves the house to give her time to calm down and sober up.

When he returns four hours later, the woman is still raving bat-shit crazy angry and screams at him, shoving him against the wall. She then starts throwing whatever she can at him before her hand rests on the Wii console. She then hurls it at the man, chipping two teeth and cutting his lip. Same old story right?

Perhaps Nintendo should put safety straps on the Wii console in addition to the strap that comes with Wii Remotes. Or perhaps the boyfriend should buy her one of these?

Source: The Hillsboro Argus

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