Langdell Loses Trademarks in Finalized Judgment

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A final judgment has been rendered against Tim Langdell and Edge Games, stripping him of several trademarks and forcing him to notify his licensees that he no longer holds them.

The bad news train has officially pulled into Edge Game Station: Judge William Alsup has signed off on the final judgment against Tim Langdell’s game company, which had taken action against EA for violating its trademarks with the 2008 release Mirror’s Edge. Bad move, as it turns out, as rather than the legal victory which Edge claimed was “completely certain,” the company has been hit with a thudding and almost certainly final defeat.

The courts have now officially stripped Langdell of his “edge,” “cutting edge” and “gamer’s edge” trademarks, and further ordered him to inform all “edge” licensees that he no longer holds the trademarks. “Plaintiff shall notify all persons and entities with whom a licensing agreement has been obtained involving the trademarks asserted herein that the marks have been canceled and provide these persons and entities with a copy of the order denying plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction and the final judgment,” the ruling says. Langdell has until noon on October 15 to provide a sworn statement that he has provided all such notifications.

There was a sliver of good news for Langdell in the judgment, as he won’t be required to pay any damages to Electronic Arts or cover the company’s legal fees. On the downside, the loss could expose him to legal action from other companies who have incurred losses and expenses as a result of his actions, although EA appears satisfied with its victory and ready to move on. “We’re pleased that we’ve reached a settlement and can put this behind us,” the publisher said in a statement. “This settlement goes a long way in protecting the rights of independent developers.”

Source: GamesIndustry

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