Lara Croft May Get Her Own Street


In deepest darkest Derbyshire, town planners are considering naming a new road after everyone’s favourite lady archaeologist.

There’s a new road going up in the Derbyshire town of Derby that needs a name and one of the names on the table is that of Lara Croft.

Other names being passed around are Florence Nightingale Way, after the famous nurse who helped design the town’s hospital, and Rolls-Royce Way, a major employer in the town.

“But why Lara Croft?” I hear you ask, well it’s quite simple; the original developers of Tomb Raider, Core Design, are based in the town.

John Forkin, director of Marketing Derby favors the pneumatic heroine: “We have waited a long time for this road and we need to give it a name and the right name. Personally I would be in favor of something that projects something new and modern about the city so I quite like the Lara Croft idea.”

Residents have until the 28th August to submit their ideas for names, so we’ll have to come back in September to see what they decide.

Source: Kotaku

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