Lara Croft Strips in Silent Hill for Pringles


Two intensely weird Pringles ads are floating around in which the guy from Silent Hill gets either a sexy dance from Lara Croft or a one-way ticket to Cooking Mama, depending on which chip he eats.

Most of the time I love my job but every once in awhile it just confuses the hell out of me. This is one of those times. I can’t really explain these two ads in any conventional sense, so instead I’ll just lay out the facts and let you assimilate them in your head as you see fit.

Breath ragged, armed only with a pistol and a flashlight, the guy from Silent Hill makes his way through the corridors of a decrepit, long-abandoned building. He tries door after door, but they’re all locked. He’s trapped. Finding a spot where can rest for a moment, he sees a tube of Pringles. He opens it and eats one. The door creaks open; he leaps to his feet and levels his gun, but it’s no monster: It’s Lara Croft. Walking in to a pulsing techno beat, she begins a bizarre striptease, removing her guns, grenades, a tape measure, tennis racket, Rubik’s Cube and more from the various hidden compartments of her skimpy spelunking outfit, before finally getting down to the important business of actually peeling her clothes. Much happiness, it is implied, ensues.

You got all that? I’m not even going to bother trying to make sense of the second one; let me just say that when a chip fails to adequately crunch, Cooking Mama gets involved and it ain’t good. See for yourself right here.

The commercials are apparently Asian, although the text is entirely in English. Not that it really matters, because this kind of strangeness shines through in any language. Are they even real? I don’t think that matters either; I suddenly find myself itching for some Pringles.

Source: VE3D

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