Larian Lifts the Lid On Divinity: Dragon Commander


Larian’s “dragons with jetpacks” game has a new website and a snazzy trailer that’s actually kind of informative.

We got our first look at Dragon Commander back in 2011 and cool though it was, it wasn’t much to go on, either – just some kind of steampunk RTS with dragons and stuff. But now it’s time to finally get a good look at what it’s all about, thanks to a new, more detailed trailer and a full-blown website of its very own.

Divinity: Dragon Commander, so titled because it’s somehow connected to Larian’s Divinity fantasy setting, will combine turn-based strategy, RTS combat, political intrigue, collectible cards and even the ability to transform into a dragon and personally smack around your foes. Putting all that together without turning it into an absolute hash is a tall order, especially for a tiny indie studio, but the new trailer looks awfully good, cheesy narration notwithstanding. Screens, too!

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Larian hopes to have Divinity: Dragon Commander out this summer for the PC and Mac, although the Mac version may come out later, and while objectively I realize that this is not a game for everyone, I’d be lying if a big part of me didn’t want to scream, “But it’s dragons with jetpacks! Come on!” Do you get where I’m coming from? If so, you might want to spend some time poking around at

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