Last Call for Shattered Horizon Beta


There’s only one week left to get into Futuremark Games’ Shattered Horizon beta – but only if you have a rig that can handle the game.

Set in the aftermath of a cataclysmic mining accident on the moon, Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer FPS with a twist: The zero-gravity environment gives players unprecedented freedom of movement, adding a whole new tactical element to the game. As billions of tons of rock and debris create an asteroid field barrier that prevents any hope of rescue, scattered survivors and the astronauts and scientists aboard the International Space Station struggle desperately to survive as only humans do: They start killing each other.

But before you can squeeze a few more precious seconds out of your life by taking them away from someone else, you need to make sure your hardware is up to snuff. The list is pretty demanding: Along with all the usual stuff, Shattered Horizon testers must be running Windows Vista and have a DirectX 10 graphics card, dual core CPU, a Steam account and be at least 18 years of age.

If you can bring all that to the party, then free online mayhem awaits! The final week of the beta test will be open to anyone who registers before October 5. The full version of the game is expected to launch later this year and will be available through Steam and, hopefully, other download services.

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