Starting today, we’ll be giving away 25 passes to Expo 2013, which starts this Friday!

Do you live in the general vicinity of Durham, North Carolina, and wish you had a spare $40 to shell out to attend Expo this weekend? You’re in luck! 25 lucky Facebook users will have this dream fulfilled between now and Friday, when Expo begins!

“How do I win this amazing prize?” I hear you asking. Well, for starters, get on Facebook. Then head over to the Iron Gaming Facebook page and “Like” or post a comment of some sort to be entered.

If you prefer, you can check out Hi-Rez Studios’ Facebook page instead. Like and/or comment there for an entry.

Finally, if you’d like to stick to what you know, just mosey on over to our very own Escapist Expo Facebook page, and like/comment there.

Once you’ve done one (or, for those overly ambitious amongst you, all of these) you’ll be in the running!

That’s it! Easy, right? So go, click Like or tell us how much you were hoping to attend Expo, or just drop a table-flip emoticon because, you know, reasons.

We’re busy gearing up for Expo, so get out here and play some games!

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