Latest No Man’s Sky Trailer Shows More Planetary Diversity


Will we ever see it all?

Hello Games has released a new trailer for No Man’s Sky, providing some deeper impressions of the gameplay, but still leaving some questions.

No Man’s Sky is a first-person space exploration game, featuring a procedurally generated open universe with an estimated 16 quadrillion worlds. Players can explore planets, cataloging the unique flora and fauna (also procedurally generated) to contribute to an archive containing the discoveries of everyone playing online. They will also recover blueprints and collect resources necessary to build and upgrade their equipment, allowing progress into the center of the universe and more unforgiving planets, while fighting protective sentinels on land and hostile forces among the stars.

This latest video spends almost as much time in space as it does on planets and examples of space combat are shown around the player, but the closest thing to active engagement on display is the destruction of an asteroid (which, in fairness, does look pretty cool). On the ground is a slightly different matter, with a brief glimpse of the player fighting a flying Sentinel drone and further exhibition of the variety of worlds to explore.

Initially announced as a timed exclusive for PlayStation 4 at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, No Man’s Sky is now planned to have a simultaneous release on Windows PCs. Specific information as to when that might be has yet to be provided.

Source: YouTube

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