Latest Overwatch Patch Addresses Leave Penalty Bugs, Sudden Death Timers, Multiple Hero Fixes


Overwatch was patched last night, fixing some match leaving penalty bugs, adjusting Competitive Play Sudden Death timers and fixing bugs with Zarya, Winston, and Mercy.

The latest Overwatch patch went live last night on all platforms, bringing with it changes to Competitive Play Sudden Death timers and bug fixes for a number of heroes.

The first big change is fixes to the penalty for leaving a match early in Competitive Mode. If you leave a match and rejoin before it ends, you should no longer receive a loss and a leave penalty. However, the patch notes do say that if you leave a match more than three times, you’ll get the leave penalty even if you return to finish the match.

Next up is the adjustment of Sudden Death timers in Competitive Play. Although Blizzard has said it wants to make Sudden Death a less frequent occurrence, this patch reduces the duration of Sudden Death instead. Rather than the standard one minute, 45 seconds, there are now new times that vary depending on the map. Only the Hollywood map was left unchanged.


  • Hanamura – 1m35s
  • Temple of Anubis – 1m30s
  • Volskaya Industries – 1m35s


  • Dorado – 1m30s
  • Route 66 – 1m35s
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar – 1m35s


  • King’s Row – 1m30s
  • Numbani – 1m50s

The patch also fixed some specific character bugs, although these fixes are currently only on PC. Mercy’s beam should stay connected to the target now, even if you quickly switch from healing to damage boosting, even if you’re not facing the target. Winston’s melee attacks during Primal Rage are no longer inconsistent in the targets they hit.

The patch also fixes a bug with the damage of Zarya’s bomb shot, which was scaling incorrectly with its damage boost modifier. Lastly, it changes where Reaper is allowed to Shadow Step to, as apparently players were reaching some “unintended” locations.

You can check out all the patch notes, which include some other bug fixes, right here.

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