Monster Hunter outfits and a Mario Maker stage head the latest offering of Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC.

Nintendo has quietly released a slog of new Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC, and while there are no new fighters this time around, there are some new stages, and even a Monster Hunter crossover.

First up, the new Mario Maker stage will set you back $2.49 on a single platform, or $3.49 for both 3DS and Wii U versions, and is reportedly “different every time you play it”. It would be really cool if it connected to the internet and updated based on actual Mario Maker stages being made recently…

Additionally, the Pirate Ship level is exclusive to the Wii U version, and will only cost $1.99. It appears to be a faithful re-creation of the same level from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

On to the inevitable Mii Fighter costumes: this time there are three Monster Hunter-themed costumes, as well as a Toad, Captain Falcon, Star Fox and Business Suit costume. They will set you back 75 cents each ($1.15 for both 3DS/Wii U versions).

Check them all out bellow:

You can also see the Mii Fighter costumes in action in the video above. If you don’t feel like buying all of this stuff piecemeal, there is a special DLC collection bundle for $7.74 ($9.73 on Wii U, $13.53 for both) that contains all of the wave four DLC.

Source: Nintendo

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