The painter’s daughter goes home.

[Minor Layers of Fear spoilers]

Layers of Fear follows an alcoholic, hallucinating painter through his hellish home, which warps before his (your) eyes as the game progresses and he falls deeper into madness. Family is at the heart of the game, yet his family is primarily limited to the narrative. In the upcoming expansion, Inheritance, the player assumes the role of the painter’s daughter returns to the home, revisiting key moments from her life – “traumas, obsessions, and fears” – as she attempts to “reconcile with her past.” There will be two separate endings.

Inheritance releases on August 2, and will cost $4.99. In addition, Bloober Team announced Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition, which bundles Layers of Fear with the Inheritance DLC. Bloober has released a new trailer which doesn’t give away much of the story, but rather highlights the tone of the expansion.

Our reviewer gave Layers of Fear 5 stars, writing in part: “The story of the artist is intriguing while still making you feel tense and uneasy about what you see. Layers of Fear made story, gameplay, and atmosphere work together in harmony.”

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