League of Legends “A New Dawn” Cinematic Features New And Old


The latest League of Legends cinematic features an epic 5v5 battle between new and old champions.

League of Legends developer Riot Games is starting to build quite a name for itself as a maker of gorgeous cinematics. The latest of which, “A New Dawn” is no exception, showing an epic 5v5 battle between some of the game’s most classic, and some of its newer, champions. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed that, you might want to check out its “Behind The Scenes,” video. In this video, Riot explains that they love making cinematic like A New Dawn because it helps them expand on the story and the lore of the League of Legends world and the characters that inhabit it.

It said that not only are cinematic in much higher definition than the games, but they also focused on the details of the characters that players don’t see in-game, such facial expressions and movements. The video also explains how the sounds were created to help tell the story of the battle and how the music played a major role in personifying the characters. You’ll notice that each character has more or less their own “theme tune”.

None of the characters speak a word throughout the whole video, but you can really see a whole lot of personality in the way that they act. It’s also very interesting to see how certain “archetypes” in the game, such as assassins, tanks, and supports, would play out in a “real” battle.

It’s cool to see Riot tackle interesting little side-projects such as this, and hopefully we can see more in the future!

Source: Riot Games

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