League of Legends dev Riot Games sure know how to hype a new champion…

League of Legends developer Riot Games is starting to build a bit of a reputation for itself as a company that can deliver some solid cinematics. Its latest effort: “Get Jinxed,” is a music video that promotes the impending release of the League’s newest champion: Jinx, The Loose Cannon. With a catchy tune and plenty of explosions, it sure is an extravagant way to promote a single new champion!

The cinematic uses this somewhat odd, yet aesthetically pleasing style of mixing 3D models with anime-like effects. The song itself has a very “Pink” feel about it, which is pretty fitting to Jinx’s character. In the video, she wreaks havoc in Piltover, the steampunk hometown of Caitlyn and Vi.

Unfortunately, Jinx spends most of the video fighting (or rather, slaughtering) random robot droids, and no other champions appear. It would have been cool to see Jinx and Vi have a cinematic showdown…

The song was composed by Agnete Kjølsrud from the band Djerv, and you can download it for free from sound cloud.

Jinx doesn’t have an official release date yet, but we can probably expect her to launch in the next (or the next next) big League of Legends patch.

Source: League of Legends

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