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From November 29 till December 4, you’ll be able to purchase a random “Mystery Skin” for 490 RP.

During “the Harrowing” Halloween event for League of Legends, many players asked if they could send the Mystery Gift – a “lucky dip” random choice of one of the special Halloween skins, to themselves. Well, Riot has listened to its player base, and has introduced the “Mystery Skin”. Mystery Skins will be available in the store from November 29 until December 4, and will set you back 490 RP.

Purchasing a Mystery Skin will deliver a randomly selected un-owned skin currently in the store priced at 520 RP or higher. That means that if you’re extra lucky, you may get one of the super-expensive “Legendary” or “Ultimate” skins. To sweeten the deal, Riot is also including several skins from its “legacy vault” of skins that are normally no-longer available to players in the Mystery Gift’s selection pool. They are:

  • TPA Shen
  • TPA Ezreal
  • TPA Orianna
  • TPA Nunu
  • TPA Mundo
  • Riot Nasus
  • Riot Graves
  • Riot Blitzcrank

You’ll only be able to buy three mystery skins per day, meaning those of you with particularly deep wallets can only purchase a maximum of 18 Mystery Skins. As with the Mystery Gift, Mystery Skins will only reward skins for champions you already own, so you don’t have to worry about getting a skin for a champion you don’t have.

Source: Riot Games

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