League of Legends is now bigger than World of Warcraft and draws in more than four times as many peak concurrent users as Skyrim.

League of Legends is pretty popular stuff, but just how popular might surprise you. More than four million people play the game every day, a jump of 280 percent since July, and with 11.5 million monthly active players it’s now officially bigger than World of Warcraft, which slipped to 10.3 million users from the beginning of July to the end of September.

And that’s not all! LoL [which, for the record, is a terrible acronym] boasts peak concurrent user numbers of 1.3 million, dwarfing the record-setting 280,000 concurrent users Skyrim attracted on Steam.

Riot Games revealed these numbers in advance of the upcoming League of Legends: Season Two, which will have a $5 million prize pool up for grabs and finish with a $2 million tournament featuring the best League of Legends teams in the world. “The incredible passion and dedication of our players is positively inspiring,” said Riot Games co-founder and CEO Brandon Beck. “Our community’s boundless enthusiasm is why they are central to every decision we make at Riot.”

Other interesting statistics, courtesy of this awesome infographic: since League of Legends went online, 15 billion champions and 200 billion minions have been killed, 23 million forum posts have been made across more than 2.3 million threads, 21 trillion gold has been earned and, although I’m not sure how this is relevant, 1197 years ago, there were Vikings. Check it out!


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