Riot Games is being asked to uncensor the word “Satan” in League of Legends so players can use it as freely as that of any other deity.

Did you know that League of Legends filters the word “Satan?” Not “God,” not “Jesus,” not “Allah,” not “Zeus” (nor, one must assume, “Apollo”) – but “Satan,” for whatever reason, is The Name That Must Not Be Spoken. This is an unacceptable state of affairs in the eyes of Texas LoLer Beau Guthery, who has launched a petition calling on developer Riot Games to free the Infernal Overlord Lucifer Morningstar from his celestial bonds! Or, you know, uncensor the word.

“This game does not filter the word ‘Jesus’ or any other god’s name from their game. They are blocking Satanists’ right to freedom of religion by preventing them from using the name Satan,” Guthery wrote in the prelude to the petition. “Everyone no matter their religion or belief deserves equal treatment. That is what America is founded on. Equal treatment no matter your race or belief system.”

It’s actually not all that outrageous a request when viewed through the lens of “equality for all,” but why a petition? Guthery said the support team refuses to address the issue and his efforts on the forums did not end well.

“I did what riot support asked and I made a post about it and I was told to ‘kill myself’ and to ‘burn in hell you atheist pig,’ and then I was banned forever and the post was removed. While the people who said those things are not banned,” he wrote. Despite that, he said he’s not giving up on his quest; he’s reached out to League of Legends support again and asked that someone higher up the food chain look into the ban and his original complaint.

The petition currently has 168 signatures out of a goal of 200, easily within reach of its target. Whether it represents enough of a slice of the player pie to get Riot’s attention, however, is another matter entirely.



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