Leaked Avengers 2 Image Gets Up Close With Vision


A supposedly leaked piece of Avengers 2 promotional material includes a closer look at Paul Bettany’s Vision.

Thus far, most everything we’ve seen and heard about The Avengers: Age of Ultron has looked pretty good. That being the case, there are things that Marvel and Disney don’t seem too keen on showing us, namely Paul Bettany’s Vision. While Vision’s origins in the film have been confirmed, the movie’s production hasn’t released much showcasing how he’ll look in the film. It now appears, however, that new promotional materials have been leaked, providing an up close look at Ultron‘s vision of Vision.

The leak came by way of Instagram where an individual posted a photo (now deleted) of what appears to be Marvel promotional materials featuring Bettany’s Vision front and center. A more complete version of the initial image has since surfaced, revealing Vision with the Avengers in one of those group poses they’re so fond of. Vision himself looks similar to his appearance in another Age of Ultron poster that surfaced earlier this year. Just like in that earlier piece, he looks wonderfully close to his comic book counterpart.

We must point out, of course, that Marvel has yet to confirm whether or not this is real. That being the case, it’d probably be best to stay good and skeptical about the picture’s authenticity. There are, after all, some excellent fan artists out there who are more than capable of producing something of this caliber. Even so, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a gut feeling that this is real. We’ve reached out to Marvel to find out if our suspicions are true. While we wait for the company’s reply, take a look and let us know what you think.

Source: Comics Alliance

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