Players itching to see more of Obsidian’s Kickstarter funded RPG can take a gander at a batch of newly leaked screenshots.

When Obsidian launched its Project Eternity it offered an experience that sounded like a dream to many a fan of RPGs: a new isometric role-playing game in the same vein as Baldur’s Gate and other Infinity Engine games of old. Promising challenging combat and excellent writing wrapped in nostalgic packaging, its fundraising campaign found immediate success and managed to raise nearly four million dollars on Kickstarter.

The months since Project Eternity’s fundraising success have seen a lot of apparent progress that Obsidian has happily detailed through nearly sixty official updates on it Kickstarter page. That being the case, there have still only been limited looks at the game itself via screenshots and a few brief videos. Fans hoping to get a more thorough peek at Project Eternity, however, can now get a closer look at the game via a batch of leaked screenshots showing off a variety of areas and environments from the game.

Looking at the screens, you could perhaps make an argument that the game doesn’t look all that original when compared to older isometric RPGs. That said, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find fans put off by that seeing how aping Infinity Engine RPGs was kind of the point. Currently, Project Eternity seems to be do a splendid job of evoking the visuals and style of classic PC RPGs while also delivering a game with fairly lush modern production values. Hopefully the current visual quality will also lead an RPG of the caliber eager fans are hoping for.

Source: Gamestar via PCGamer

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