LederKraft Studios launches a free e-guidebook of cosplay tips, guides, and patterns today as a taste of what’s to come in the full book of The Crystal Anvil.

Being a cosplayer is like being a jack of all trades; you learn a little bit about clothing construction, a little bit about hair styling, a little bit about making armor, and a little bit about creating props. For people both new and experienced in cosplay and LARPing is LederKraft Studios’ book The Crystal Anvil. As LederKraft Studios’ founder Alex Agricola retires from professional work, he is ending the armorer’s code of silence to provide a resource of patterns and secrets from professionals and talented cosplayers.

Releasing today is a free e-guidebook to give people a taste of what The Crystal Anvil will impart. The full book is over 450 pages on materials, fabrics, techniques, and how to work on a budget, something that is necessary for just about every cosplayer. The book will be available to download on Mar. 16 for about $30 to $35, and it comes with 100 ready to print patterns that will be delivered every month for the first six months.

Other than the book, LederKraft Studios will also run several small crowdfunding campaigns for additional projects voted on by the public. People will be able to upload project proposals on armor, costumes, and props, and then people pledge money to a project to cast a vote. The pledge level will be set at $5, but the target amount may change based on how much the studio believes it will cost to make a working prototype. Once the target goal is reached and payments are taken, all pledgers receive the pattern and construction guides. If you don’t pledge to a certain project and you want the guide later, it will go on sale for $10. Pledgers will have the chance to win the working prototype.

The free e-guidebook, titled A Detailed Guide To Building The Tribesman Armor, is a step-by-step guide on making simpler leather armor that LederKraft Studios produces. The guide includes pictures and descriptions of all necessary materials, as well as suppliers that sell the materials, directions on construction, and patterns for the armor.

Armorer’s rarely disclose their secrets as the trade is a difficult one. On the other hand, people in the cosplay community are usually happy to talk about their methods and materials, often resulting in creative solutions to construction issues. The Crystal Anvil combines professional skills with an openness to educate. The free e-guidebook is available to download now.

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