Why learn Linux? Let’s start with the fact it’s growing so fast, experts say it’ll eventually be a dominant desktop and server OS. Or how about that hiring managers are clamoring to add Linux pros to their teams? If you need more convincing, just wait until you get your first paycheck. Start mastering Linux today with the Linux Essential Bundle, now just $39.

You’ll save 82% on five amazing courses that’ll take you from novice to pro. Courses like:

Linux for Absolute Beginners: If you’re starting from zero, start here. This course packs in 50 lectures on the basics of Linux. You’ll learn how to install a Linux system from scratch, learn your way around the command line terminal, and more in this class.

Linux Shell Programming for Beginners: Master BASH, a UNIX/Linux shell and command line interpreter that will help you automate commands, save time, and streamline a program. More work in less time? Get ready for the job offers to pour in.

Fundamentals of Unix & Linux System Administration: Get 24 hours of content that’ll teach you everything you need to know to start working as a Linux system administrator. You’ll learn how to manage system processes, users, and software, plus pick up tips from system admin pros working in banking, financial, and healthcare industries.

…and plenty more! You’ll get 242 lessons and over 50 hours of training total. Start your Linux career right here, right now. Get the Linux Essential Bundle for just $39.

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