You don’t learn how to play guitar by watching someone else do it, just like you don’t learn how to code by watching lecture after lecture. You learn by doing-which is exactly what the Python Mega Course is all about. Get it for $42 at Escapist Deals.

Explore what you can do with Python by actually doing it. This comprehensive, 21-hour course will guide you as you build the following apps and programs:

  • Name generator
  • Timed website blocker
  • Web map generator
  • Portfolio site
  • GUI-based desktop app
  • Webcam motion detector

…And much more! You’ll master Python, Flask, Tkinter, Numpy, Folium, and other powerful tools along the way, and you’ll do it on your own time-this deal gets you lifetime access to all 172 lectures.

Stop reading about programming and go do it. Get the Python Mega Course for $42 at Escapist Deals.

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