Learn the Fate of Paz With These Secret Metal Gear Solid 5 Cutscenes

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Paz just won’t let go in an hidden Metal Gear Solid 5 cutscene that only unlocks after recovering a special key item. There’s a short story arc accompanying her return, so if you want to see this mind-blowing content, browse down to check out our guide.

Paz, the young girl first revealed in Peace Walker that hired Snake’s fledgling mercenary empire, returns to the series with her capture at the start of Ground Zeroes. At the end of that tech demo’s story, Paz sacrifices herself to save Snake — so it’s a surprise that she’s apparently survived. But, there’s always more to the story.

Not only does the man behind Metal Gear put his name all over the credits, he also appears in-game for recruitment. See how to recruit Hideo Kojima in MGS5: Phantom Pain.

How to Unlock Secret Paz Cutscenes

During the explosive ending to Ground Zeroes, the Cipher double-agent Paz is seemingly killed. But, she makes an appearance in Phantom Pain — if you know where to look.

  • 1. Play through main missions until a new Side Op appears, tasking Snake with recovering a lost Mother Base soldier that survived the attack nine years ago.
  • 2. In this Side Ops, you’ll need to sneak up behind the target soldier and shoot him with a Tranquilizer dart. Onl the head will work. You can also order D-Dog to distract the soldier, giving you time to grab and Fulton him.
  • 3. Completing these Side Ops rewards you with key items — pictures of Peace Walker era Mother Base. Collecting one, and then others, will unlock new scenes.
  • 4. Once you have one complete, return to the Medical Platform in Mother Base. Travel up to the third floor and look for a lit-up door. It’s directly above a locked red door on the second floor. Enter it and you’ll find a secret cutscene.

Paz appears in a hospital bed. Somehow she’s still alive after nine years. Completing more Mother Base Extraction Side Ops will award you with photos. Bring the photos to Paz to hear more dialogue from her.

Continue to complete these Side Ops to exhaust every dialogue option and uncover the truth about Paz’ apparent survival. There’s a little more to this story, after all.

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