An experimental bowling game requires the players to kiss successfully to win.

Hye Yeon Nam’s version of bowling is definitely not like any game you’ve ever played before. Her “Kiss Controller” experiment determines the players’ skill by how well they french kiss.

She says the experiment “seeks to generate the emotional experience of a kinetic act while users play the game.” It uses a custom headset which reads the signal from a magnet affixed to the other player’s tongue.

When the magnetic tongue moves around the headset-wearing player’s mouth, it controls the direction and speed of the game’s bowling ball. Moving your tongue faster increases the speed of the ball. The goal is apparently to get the highest speed possible with a perfectly straight direction.

It doesn’t have the best graphical capabilities, but that’s not really the point. Yeon Nam concludes through the Kiss Controller that it’s possible to turn intimate behaviors into a videogame. The best part is how she did it in a way that isn’t as creepy as what we’ve seen before with “intimacy” games.

Source:, via Kotaku

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