Remote-control cars, motion-activated security camera, environment monitoring systems…when you learn how to program micro-controllers like the Arduino, there’s no limit to the cool projects you can create with your own two hands. Get started with two Arduino bundles for beginners and advanced users alike at Escapist Deals.

Start your mastery of the Arduino with The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle. It comes with the Arduino Uno and 13 circuits to help you master the basics (no experience required). Then, work on three projects, including a remote-control car and an environment monitoring system, so you can master using power and soldering tools, study different types of sensors, and learn how to connect your Arduino to the internet for reporting and controllers. Get this beginner’s kit for $62.99!

Once you’ve got the basics down, move on to The Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle. It’s got eight e-books full of instructions for creating wireless security cameras, opening and closing doors with voice control, interactive bike gloves, and more. You’ll learn how to take your projects to the next level, too, by incorporating GP and controlling your projects with your phone. Get this eight-course bundle for $29!

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