Oppressive atmosphere? Ravenous undead? Surly shotgun cocking? Yup, that’s pretty much Left 4 Dead.

It’s Friday, so that means my corporate taskmasters have given me free rein to shift the news coverage slightly away from crucial world events in favor of “things that are totally rad.” Thus, I felt it important to highlight this brand new trailer for the upcoming Left 4 Dead fan film created by Airsoft GI and N5 Entertainment.

Why? Because it is definitely “totally rad.”

Doubly so when you consider that this thing was apparently filmed in a single weekend last month. That’s Corman-esque levels of production efficiency, and yet the end result is far more atmospheric and true to the source material than any Hollywood videogame adaptation.

To wit: you will notice an almost complete lack of John Leguizamo in the clip.

Granted, this vignette is rather on the short side, but it is just a trailer. The video’s YouTube description promises that the full fan film “will be released soon,” so now we have something to look forward to other than that whole “birth of Christ” thing on the 25th.

Alright, I’ve said my piece (and even got to reference a Bob Hoskins movie) so now it’s your turn. Are you likewise impressed by this trailer? Do you wish it contained a bit more pipebomb? Perhaps you were hoping for a touching love scene between Zoey and that beret?

Comments! Below! Go to it! Macht schnell!

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