Chief Executive Officer Troy London seeks to replace the board with new management.

Christian game developer Left Behind Games has accepted the resignation of senior vice president Jeffrey S. Frichner and Chief Executive Officer Troy Lyndon is currently asking for the three other directors to step down as well.

Michael A. Knox and Leslie N. Bocskor will serve as interim co-chairmen, with the support of Lyndon. Knox was a former partner with Lyndon as they built the independent game developer Park Place Productions and now serves as the CEO of V2P Communications, an internet audio advertiser. “Upon ratification of the board or the company’s shareholders, this appointment of interim Co-chairs will take affect. Both Knox and Bocskor have media entertainment and public company management experience that we desperately need,” commented Lyndon.

“I am delighted to have the potential opportunity to work with Troy Lyndon again, as our last experience together resulted in numerous successes,” added Knox.

Bocskor is managing partner with Lennox Hill Partners LLC, a business advisory firm. “I am excited about the company’s future as it extends its presence as a leader in the family values, faith-based and inspirational media and entertainment marketplace,” stated Bocskor.

Shares of Left Behind Games (OTC: LFBG) have plummeted 95 percent in recent months since the company reported a $4.1 million loss in the third quarter of 2006.

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